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Play Beauty Day, Feel Spring Rhythm

2023-03-08 09:14:52

Spring has arrived and everything begins to come around.

On March 8th, Phohom New Material carried out an activity with the theme of "Play Beauty Day, Feel Spring Rhythm" to celebrate the 113th International Women's Day.

We explore the scent of spring in the beautiful Peach Blossom Ridge, watching the rosy peach blossoms and enjoying the turquoise water of the lake in the breeze and drizzle. Every frame is picturesque!

Each woman is a unique individual and their beauty is colorful. They are sweet and warm, cool and sassy, young as a picture, old as a poem, enriching the whole world. 

Bing Xin once said: If there were no women in the world, the world would lose at least five tenths of its truth, six tenths of its goodness, and seven tenths of its beauty. Happy Women's Day to all the girls whose hearts are full of love, and may all women be treated with tenderness and be their own unique selves!

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