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2023-03-16 14:02:24

 After the epidemic prevention was liberalized, the economy fully recovered. In this spring, Phohom New Material also accelerated the pace of expanding overseas customers. 

As a connector between aluminum guide rod and steel jaw, conductive joint is the most ideal transition joint in electrolysis and power system. The conductive materials produced by Phohom New Material have been holding a considerable market share in China, and it is encouraging to see that our clad conductive materials have once again attracted customers from abroad. 

Recently, Phohom New Material received a customer from Europe. The head of foreign trade department, the head of quality and safety management department and the production manager accompanied the customer to visit the factory and carry out an inspection of new energy materials. 

The customer checked the product specifications, roughness, flatness, tolerance range, etc. and took an ultrasonic flaw detection and are satisfied with the excellent performance of our products. 

We always demands ourselves with high standard to deliver high quality products to customers and are always ready to welcome your inspection!

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