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Central South University • PHOHOM Postgraduate Joint Training Base and High-Performance Layered Metal Composite Materials Research Technology and Testing Center were grandly unveiled

2021-04-01 14:29:47

At 17:00 on March 31, 2021, the joint training base for postgraduates and the high-performance layered metal composite material research technology center and testing center were grandly unveiled. Professor Jiang Lizhong, Dean of the Graduate School of Central South University, Professor Li Zhou, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhan Guoping, Deputy Director of the Asset Management Office, Professor Li Huizhong, School of Materials Science and Engineering, and Hu Bin, Director of the Entrepreneurship Service Center of the Changsha High-tech Zone Management Committee, Zeng Zhiheng, chairman of PHOHOM, and chief expert Sergey attended the ceremony.

Zeng Zhiheng, chairman of PHOHOM, presided over the symposium. At the symposium, Zeng Zhiheng introduced the company's development profile to the relevant leaders of Central South University, as well as the company's innovative achievements in the development of the composite new material industry. Zeng Zhiheng said that in 2020, the company has achieved a breakthrough in operation, and 2021 will be the first year of PHOHOM"14th Five-Year Plan", an important period for the company to deepen reform, become bigger and stronger, and achieve breakthroughs and high quality. A new strategic starting point for development. The company will expand its production capacity and innovate competitive products to make the company bigger and stronger. The leaders at the meeting expressed their high appreciation for the achievements of Fangheng New Materials in technological innovation.

Jiang Lizhong, Dean of the Graduate School of Central South University, introduced the cooperation overview of the postgraduate joint training base project. In order to absorb high-quality resources in the industry and cultivate high-level professional and innovative talents in a close combination of production, education and research, Central South University has set up a postgraduate joint training base in Fangheng New Materials. Dean Jiang said that the cultivation of talents requires not only the teaching of knowledge and theory in the classroom, but also the cultivation of practical ability outside the classroom. The cooperation between Central South University and PHOHOM is of great significance to jointly promote and improve students' practical ability.

Li Zhou, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, said that at present, my country is in a period of economic transformation and rapid development. With the rapid development of society and economy, compound talents have attracted much attention. Through base and project construction, we can fully absorb the advantages of scientific research resources. , industry high-quality resources to participate in postgraduate training, build a comprehensive platform for postgraduate research ability and innovation ability training that integrates "free exploration and innovation, teachers' scientific research guidance, and enterprise demand traction", so that graduate students can achieve breakthroughs in "stuck neck" technology research and original innovation. Excellent growth, accelerate the cultivation of high-level talents with both political integrity and ability urgently needed for enterprise development.

Hu Bin, director of the Entrepreneurship Service Center of the Management Committee of Changsha High-tech Zone, said that the joint establishment of a postgraduate training base by Central South University and enterprises in the park has positive practical significance for the innovation and practical ability of postgraduates and the talent training system of enterprises. The high-tech zone vigorously implements the "three highs and one new strategy". PHOHOM is a key support enterprise in the high-tech zone. The first round of strategic investment of the high-tech talent fund is 6 million to help enterprises continue to develop new technologies and new products, expand production capacity, and transform technological achievements. Domestic Expansion of foreign markets and introduction of high-end talents. It is hoped that this cooperation will be an opportunity, combined with the current innovation mode of subject teaching in colleges and universities, to promote future cooperation in high-level talent training in the park to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

The unveiling of the joint training base for graduate students enables PHOHOM and Central South University to once again achieve a "two swords combination" based on their respective advantages. On the one hand, graduate students have a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship practice, building a "two-way interaction" between schools and enterprises and a "green channel" for college students' employment. On the other hand, it is conducive to the improvement of PHOHOM in management, the construction of the talent system, the research on the development of the new material industry, and the realization of resource sharing and common development. In the future, with the deepening of the strategic cooperation between the two parties, PHOHOM and Central South University will jointly seize the good opportunity for development and make greater contributions to the school-enterprise cooperation.

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