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Lang Guanghui, Chairman of Suntone Development Co., Ltd. and his party went to Hunan Phohom to visit and guide

2021-03-24 14:50:46

On the afternoon of March 23, Lang Guanghui, Chairman of Suntone Development Co., Ltd. and his party visited Hunan Phohom New Materials Co., Ltd. for guidance, and Zeng Zhiheng, Chairman of Hunan Phohom, participated in the discussion and exchange. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on issues such as energy saving and consumption reduction in the electrolytic aluminum industry and reducing carbon emissions.

It is reported that after 20 years of development, Suntone Development Co., Ltd. has world-class carbon material research and development equipment and hardware facilities, and has a high reputation and reputation in the international electrolytic aluminum industry.

       At the meeting, Chairman Zeng Zhiheng introduced the overall construction layout of the company to Chairman Lang Guanghui and his party, and briefly introduced the company's operation. The application of composite panel products in various industries, including aluminum steel, titanium steel, copper steel and other composite panels, is emphasized. Since Hunan Phohom entered the electrolytic aluminum market, it has quickly occupied the market with stable technology and high-quality services, and has become the designated supplier and dissimilar metal connection solution provider for many central and state-owned enterprises at home and abroad.

       Chairman Lang Guanghui and his party spoke highly of Hunan Phohom's remarkable achievements in electrolytic aluminum. Restricting the production capacity of high energy consumption and high emission industries and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions has become the general trend of my country's development of a low-carbon economy and the completion of energy conservation and emission reduction targets. Electrolytic aluminum is the top priority of energy conservation and emission reduction work. The two sides expressed that they will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, achieve strong alliances and complement each other's advantages, and contribute wisdom and strength to the aluminum carbon industry.

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