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Phohom New Materials Liuyang Factory officially resumes work after the holiday!

2022-03-02 16:27:32

The Spring Festival holiday is over, and the headquarters of Phohom New Materials has been under construction for a week. In order to comply with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and also to protect the rights and interests of workers, the Liuyang factory has chosen to resume work on February 11 (the eleventh day of the first lunar month).

On the morning of February 11, all employees of Phohom New Materials Changsha headquarters and Liuyang factory participated in the post-holiday resumption ceremony. Firecrackers and fireworks were set off at the scene, full of tiger spirit!

At the start-up mobilization meeting later, Zeng Zhiheng, chairman of Fangheng New Materials, had a long talk with everyone, clarified the production tasks and sales goals in 2022, and encouraged everyone to stay true to their original intentions, continue to provide high-quality products and services, and live up to customers' expectations. At the meeting, everyone also actively expressed their ideas and clarified their individual work goals and plans.

New year, new starting point, new expectations! Phohom New Materials will make persistent efforts to create new brilliance!

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