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Facing the sea with spring blossoms

2022-06-30 15:18:38

If you can improve yourself in a day, do so each day, forever building on improvement. Innovation is the key to the survival and development of an enterprise. Innovation is the continuous pursuit and persistence of Hunan Phohom New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.. Keep the clouds open to see the moon, and wait for the flowers to bloom.

Hunan Phohom New Material Technology Co.,Ltd .won the first prize of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award (provincial and ministerial level) in 2021. Recently, it has won the first prize of the 3rd China Science and Technology Industrialization Promotion Association Technology Innovation Award (provincial and ministerial level). other prizes.

These two heavy honors are the recognition of the innovative technology of Phohom in the industry, and they are also the driving force for us to move forward.

Under the leadership of Chairman Zeng Zhiheng, Phohom's new material R&D team has introduced a team of top international experts and world-class manufacturing equipment, implemented advanced and rigorous management concepts and institutional systems, and insisted on continuous innovation. It has gradually developed into China's metal explosive composite materials The pioneer of technological innovation in the industry. In addition to being used in the traditional petrochemical industry, metal smelting, and shipbuilding, the products have opened up new application fields such as high-energy physical equipment, low-temperature engineering, power batteries, and 5G communication products, providing related industries with solutions for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and dissimilar species. Key technical problems such as metal connection and greatly reduce the cost of material use, realizing import substitution.

Part of the product map of Phohom New Material

As a technology-based enterprise, Phohom undertakes the industry responsibility of science and technology think tank and innovation leadership. In the future, Phohom New Materials will continue to work closely with colleagues in the industry to carry out research and development around common key technologies for industry development, promote the industrial application of scientific and technological achievements, and make greater contributions to building a strong country in the non-ferrous metal industry and localizing key materials and components.

The road of exploration may not be smooth, but we firmly believe that the continuous pace will eventually break through the layers of fog! Looking up at the starry sky, our hearts are surging; facing the sea with spring blossoms.

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