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Cool in summer, we are taking action

2022-07-25 16:20:35

Due to the particularity of the process, the front-line workers of Phohom New Material need to work outdoors frequently. The recent continuous high temperature and tight production scheduling have brought a severe test to their work.

In order to comfort and reward the front-line staff, Phohom New Material recently organized the "cool in summer" activity. The chairman ofPhohom New Material and the heads of various departments formed a condolences group, carrying cooling and heatstroke prevention materials to Liuyang and Hengyang production bases to send a trace of coolness to everyone.

The work on the production site was in full swing. The condolence group learned about the work and living conditions of the front-line workers, and instructed them to drink more water during high-temperature operations in summer, avoid high-temperature periods, combine work and rest, reasonably arrange work and rest time, pay attention to self-protection in high-temperature environment, and effectively do a good job in heatstroke prevention and cooling.

The "cool in summer" activity of Phohom New Material implemented the heatstroke prevention work to every front-line employee. The employees also expressed that they would overcome the high temperature and heat, turn the concern of the company into work motivation, stick to their posts, perform their duties seriously, and ensure product quality and safety.

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