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Heat exchanger is an energy-saving equipment to achieve heat transfer between two or more fluid with different temperatures. With applications ranging from industrial refrigerators and freezers to  clad metal heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) units to tube sheets for shipboard chillers, Phohom has developed four kinds of tube sheets for manufacturers of heat exchangers. 

Phohom designs tube sheets for 30+ years. Corrosion-resistant metal clad plates with high chemical stabilization are selected as cladding layer like stainless steel, titanium, copper, brass, zirconium, etc. while metal plates with impact-resistance and good flexibility are selected as base layer like carbon steel. These two metals are bonded reliably by explosion cladding, and they become as new composite material.

1、Pressure vessel

Titanium steel composites

Titanium is a kind of nice corrosion-resistance material for petrochemical, pressure vessel. However, pure titanium metal have good corrosion resistance, at the same time, it is low hardness and strength, and high cost. The equipment for the manufacture of titanium clad steel plate, not only can reduce the cost multiply, and able to overcome many of the deficiencies of a single titanium equipment in this field. Corrosion-resistant titanium inner and outer steel with high strength, this structure have good thermal conductivity, resistance to thermal stress, thermal fatigue, pressure difference and other capacity loads, can operate under more severe conditions.

stainless steel clad plate

On carbon steel substrate, coated 0.1-20MM stainless steel, nickel steel, titanium steel and other materials, made into stainless steel clad plate, nickel-based alloy composite panel, titanium composite panels. It can give full play to the advantages of the two materials properties, both covering steel corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-magnetic; and carbon steel good weldability, formability, tensile ductility and thermal conductivity , reducing costs and improving equipment life.

nickel-based alloy composite panels

Nickel-based alloys, including Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel and other materials, has excellent corrosion resistance, is the best selection for petrochemical and pressure vessels, but expensive, with low hardness and strength. Through explosive bonding technology manufacture alloy composite plates , ensuring excellent corrosion resistance at the same time can save 50% -70% of the cost.

2. Double metal composite pipe

Stainless steel composite pipe as oil and gas pipelines, the outside base pipe in charge of the pressure support ,and role liner to assume the role of anti-corrosion. The outside base pipe can be designed according to the flow and pressure requirements of the transmission medium, use of different diameter and wall thickness of steel pipe diameter from φ20-φ1020mm, wall thickness from 2.5-50mm.

3, tube sheet for heat exchangers and condensers

Tube sheet is mainly used in pressure vessels, boilers, condensers, evaporators, etc., playing a supporting role in the fixed tube, metal material so that it not only has a strong rigidity, but also has great thermal conductivity.

Through the explosive bonding technology , metallurgical clad a corrosion resistance face to the base plate against external forces . It can solve the corrosion problems for vessels, columns, heat exchangers, piping, high-power water reactor equipment ,steam generator tube sheet, improve high temperature performance, and significantly reduce costs.

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