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Phohom manufactures clad plates, clad tube sheets and custom clad metal material solutions using explosion welding and rolling process. We provide reliable, safe and efficient service and products to customers from the energy and industrial markets.

Headquartered in Changsha City, Hunan Province, Phohom has four wholly-owned subsidiaries, workstation of expert and doctor, a high-energy technology processing center and a layered metal clad technology testing center. It is a scientific research partner of internationally renowned institutes such as the Ukraine Barton Welding Institute.

As China's aluminum-steel electrical transition joint industry standard setter, we reliably and safely solve most challenging needs from end users and engineers.

Explosive Welding

The introduction of explosion welding process

What Metals Can We Clad?

Through explosion welding, rolling and other processes, we can achieve more than 300 dissimilar metal combinations, with a thickness range of 0.5-600mm.

Customized Service and Reliable Inspection Methods

Phohom‘s original RDDF standardized customization system can provide customers with customized services. All our products can issue quality inspection reports or third-party testing certificates.

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