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Aluminum-titanium-steel explosive welding pieces (blocks) are widely used in electrolytic aluminum and metallurgical industry sectors.


Aluminum-titanium-steel explosive welding blocks are divided into two types: cathode blasting welding blocks and anode blasting welding blocks. They are conductive transitional equipment in the production process of electrolytic cells in electrolytic aluminum plants. As a transition joint in the electrolytic cell, the aluminum-titanium-steel explosive welding block closely combines the aluminum busbar and the steel rod, which can effectively solve the problem of excessive connection between the anode guide rod and the steel claw and improve the tensile strength and conductive performance. Also this product has high bonding rate, high bonding strength, good corosion resistance and wear resistance of aluminum, good strength of steel, and theadvantages of low cost.



In addition, since the interface of the explosive welding block is a metallurgical bond between atoms, its interface resistance is so small that it can be ignored compared with the mechanical performance connection. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also extends the service life.



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