Auminum Series
Auminum Series
Auminum Series

Depending on the application field, there are many types of metal clad plate using aluminum and aluminum alloys as base materials or clad materials. The following are several common aluminum-based clad plates.

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1 Electrical transition joints for metal smelting-aluminum clad steel plate

Steel clad aluminum explosive welding plates include cathode explosion plates and anode explosion welding plates, which are conductive transition devices in the production process of electrolytic cells in electrolytic aluminum plants. The aluminum-steel clad plate serves as an aluminum-steel electrical transition joints in the electrolytic cell, tightly combining the aluminum busbar and steel rods to play a transitional role. In addition, since the interface of explosive welding is a metallurgical bond between atoms, the surface resistance is negligible compared with the mechanical performance connection. This not only saves energy consumption, but also extends the service life.



2 Structural transition joints for shipbuilding- triclad aluminum to steel plate

Aluminum-steel structural transition joints are increasingly used in ship hull design and construction, with the two commonly used material combinations of aluminum-aluminum-steel and aluminum-titanium-steel as the main targets.

The use of steel-aluminum structural transition joints greatly improves the manufacturing cycle and construction quality of steel-aluminum hybrid ships. On steel-aluminum hybrid ships, only the steel deck needs to be welded to the steel surface of the aluminum steel bars, and the aluminum superstructure needs to be welded to the aluminum surface of the aluminum steel bars , the hull is watertight, airtight, anti-corrosive and easy to maintain.

Video ahout Six-Metre-Long Shipbuilding Structure Joint by Phohom

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