Nickel Clad Steel Tube Sheet
Nickel Clad Steel Tube Sheet
Nickel Clad Steel Tube Sheet
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Heat exchangers are commonly used heat exchange equipment in the chemical industry, and the tube sheet is the connecting plate between the tube side and the shell side of the heat exchanger. It is the main pressure component of the heat exchanger, so there are many materials for making the tube sheet. 
Depending on the usage environment and medium, different metal clad plates need to be used to make tube sheets. Generally, when non-corrosive media circulates, carbon steel composite plates can be used. If it encounters strong acid, high pressure and high temperature, nuclear energy and other environments, it needs to be covered with stainless steel, 16 Mn, titanium alloy and other corrosion-resistant materials to ensure the normal use of the tube sheet and extend its life cycle.The application of metal composite materials brings new vitality to tube sheet products.
Phohom New Material uses explosive compounding to produce dissimilar metal composite sheet. This process can achieve the metallurgical combination of more than 300 metals and produce two-layer and multi-layer metal sheet. After machining, the explosive welding metal composite panels can be made into clad tube sheets, transition joints and other types of products.

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